2009 Mercedes-Benz E-class E-Guard - Auto Shows

Do you want to cruise in the really bad parts of town and flip off the guy demanding the keys to your sparkling new Mercedes? Or do you need an appropriate second car to go with that high-protection Maybach you recently ordered? Perhaps you fancy an option package that not everyone in the neighborhood has, one which clearly marks your position on the social ladder?

Whatever your reason, the Mercedes-Benz E-Guard may just be the perfect solution. This special version of the new E-class, making its appearance at the Geneva auto show, is beefed-up with extra high-strength steel, as well as polycarbonate windows. On the protection scale, the Mercedes-Benz E-Guard meets VR4 requirements. That means that the car can withstand assaults from handguns of up to .44 caliber, fired from any angle. The E-Guard sports 150-mph-rated run-flat tires that still allow for escapes at speeds up to 50 mph when they are completely deflated.

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