ASMA Design PhantASMA CL65 Wide Body

Although BSG's over, apparently tuner ASMA has other plans with it's PhantASMA CL65 Wide Body. Prepare yourself, because even with the 735 HP V12, it's a tour de force of questionable Mercedes tuning.
ASMA Design PhantASMA CL65 Wide Body-1ASMA Design PhantASMA CL65 Wide Body-2Yes, it's got a twin-turbo V12 good for 735 HP and 870 lb-ft of torque, yes it'll do 0-62 MPH in 3.8 seconds and top out at 205 MPH — the hardware isn't what we're in a fluster about, it's the horrifying bodywork they've wrapped over the mechanical marvel.
Calling this wide body CL a fug monster is like saying the sun is sort of warm. What did we all do as a motoring public to deserve this kind of thing? The terrible part is the majority of the mods look fine, it's that ghastly grille which ruins it all, ruins it hard. Someone take the sketching pencil away from ASMA.
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