Video of Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Hamann Volcano


Merc's (oh fine, and McLaren's, I suppose) SLR supercar is going to be phased out to pave the way for the next uber Merc car (supposedly called SLC, by the way, and it's gonna have those gullwing doors), but being the classy guys they are, Mercedes has released a bunch of special editions, 722 S Roadster (full gallery here) and Stirling Moss among them, to phase it out in loud, obnoxious, and deliciously exotic style.

Well, the top tuner (oh that is suuch a degrading term, let's try "aftermarket modifying") companies are lining up to pay their respects as well, by unleashing their very own take on what the SLR McLaren could be. Hamann's version is called the "Volcano", and you can view the video after the jump. We'll hit you with the specs, pics, and general info on the car in a later post.

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