2010 Mercedes-Benz E-class / E350 / E550 Coupe - Official Photos and Info

Mercedes-Benz redesigns—and rechristens—the CLK for 2010.

Three weeks before its official introduction at the Geneva auto show, Mercedes released pictures and information on the 2010 E-class coupe, which will replace the snazzy but none-too-macho CLK coupe in June of this year.

The new E coupe is not really a two-door version of the E-class sedan, but rather a blend of C- and E-class mechanical components. It hews to the styling of the 2010 E-class sedan—which also makes its official debut in Geneva but was previewed at an off-site event during media days at the Detroit show last month—closely enough that no one will question the relationship.

Unlike the Sedan, Elegance Prevails

Indeed, pretty much every styling element found on the new E-class sedan is present and accounted for on the coupe, including the quad polygonal headlamps, LED taillamps, forward-canted rear deck, and thick bodysides with rising character lines and swollen rear fenders. Somehow, the overall look is far more elegant than that of the sedan. The E coupe mimics the latest CL-class in its arching, B-pillar-less roofline, although a small, fixed quarter window is needed to allow the rear windows to fully retract. A split, full-length moonroof will be standard. Want an even more alfresco motoring experience? The E-class convertible (which replaces the CLK convertible, natch) is scheduled to appear about a year from now, according to Mercedes.

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