Mercedes-Benz TecDay Special Feature:  PRE-SAFE And PRE-SAFE Brake

Mercedes-Benz S-Class testing the PRE-SAFE Brake driver assistance system

Mercedes-Benz is the world's only car brand to offer an anticipatory occupant protection system that activates protective measures for the car's occupants if there is an imminent risk of an accident. This multi-award-winning technology, called PRE-SAFE®, is fitted as standard in numerous Mercedes model series and has now been further enhanced by Mercedes-Benz. The intelligent PRE-SAFE® system takes its lead from nature in that it activates protective measures for the car occupants as a precaution, just as living things react instinctively and search for cover when they are in danger. The aim is to prepare the occupants and the car for an imminent collision so that the seat belts and the airbags can deploy with maximum effect in the event of an impact. What's more, the PRE-SAFE® protective measures are reversible: if the accident is averted, the advance tensioning of the seat belts is halted automatically and the occupants are able to reset the positions of the seats and the sunroof. The anticipatory occupant protection system is then ready for action again straightaway.



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