Mercedes-Benz TecDay Special Feature: Occupant And Pedestrian Protection

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class pedestrian protection

Mercedes engineers have continued to perfect the idea patented by their mentor Béla Barényi – through a programme of accident research, crash tests and computer simulations. And with the new E-Class, they have created another masterpiece of passenger-car safety technology. The saloon's front deformation zone works on several levels – making it even more effective as the impact forces are distributed over a wide area and can be made to bypass the passenger cell, With seven airbags fitted as standard, not to mention seat-belt tensioners, belt force limiters and NECK-PRO crash-responsive head restraints, the new E-Class offers an even more extensive package of safety equipment than its predecessor. Adaptive belt force limiters will be installed in the rear for the first time (optional extra).



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