Mercedes-Benz TecDay Special Feature:  Attention Assist, Blind Spot Assist And Distronic Plus / Brake Assist PLUS

Mercedes-Benz Blind Spot Assist

Mercedes-Benz accident researchers warn against falling asleep momentarily whilst driving. Drivers who do not take regular breaks when driving long distances run a high risk of becoming drowsy – a state which they often fail to recognise early enough according to the experts. This is why Mercedes-Benz has developed the innovative ATTENTION ASSIST system, which can detect when drivers start to become drowsy and prompt them to take a break before it's too late. The system will be fitted as standard in the new E-Class and the model year 2009 S-Class. Scientific studies conclude that around 25 percent of all serious motorway accidents are down to driver drowsiness, meaning that drowsiness causes more road accidents than drunk-driving.



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