2009 Mercedes-Benz ML320 BlueTEC - Motor Trend Review

In Atlanta we don't get many chances to drive in the snow but since I travel to Illinois every christmas I can certainly vouch for how great the ML is in the snow. This year I drove a C-class up and even though it wasn't a 4matic it did really well in the snow. Mercedes' traction and stability systems allow even our 2-wheel-drive sedans to out handle most SUVs as long as the snow doesn't get too deep.

This is a great review that Motor Trend just did on winter driving in the 2009 ML320 BlueTEC.

2009 ML320 BlueTEC Motor Trend


"The big Benz powered along straight and true, while nearby several other vehicles skidded right off the highway and buried themselves until spring in mountainous snowbanks."

"Say you put on 30,000 highway miles a year. Using EPA highway figures for comparison, and assuming that L.A.'s gas/diesel prices remain fixed (though the gap is almost sure to close), with the ML320 BlueTEC's higher efficiency you'd start coming out ahead after just three years."

"The engine is that smooth and quiet. Torquey, too."

"Of particular note was the rear-glass heater, which could likely cook pancakes in Antarctica. In what seemed like seconds, any ice build-up just melted right off."

Read the full Motor Trend Review here



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