Mercedes-Benz CLC

Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Limited "Upmarket elegance" and "eyecatching style" has been used by Mercedes-Benz to enhance the appeal of the CLC, a reviewer has stated.

Writing for the Wishaw Press, Mike Torpey has stated that the Mercedes-Benz CLC is a "sleek, muscular model" that is a more than adequate replacement for the C-Class Sports Coupe.

More than 1,100 alterations on different levels have been made on the CLC, with Mr Torpey labelling the visual changes as the most important.

These include an arrow-shaped front and imposing headlamps, which give the vehicle a "luxury appeal".

The vehicle is also quoted as having "one of the slickest manual gearshifts around", while the 1.8-litre engine offers ample pulling power.

Finally, a youthful image is portrayed by the vehicle through the use of tough materials alongside a smart design.

Those motorists looking for something extra could also upgrade to an SE Sport version, which offers 18-inch wheels instead of 16, a sports suspension and a more sensitive steering system.

The Mercedes-Benz CLC includes sporty seats as standard, which offer lumbar support and increased lateral support.



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