Mercedes-Benz to offer SPLITVIEW technology

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Future Mercedes-Benz luxury class models will offer a new SPLITVIEW technology that will benefit both drivers and front seat passengers.
The technology will first be introduced in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class which is scheduled to hit the market in the summer of next year.

It works by allowing two different images to be shown simultaneously alongside each other, meaning that a driver can view their satellite navigation system, while the front seat passenger is relaxed watching a film on the eight inch screen.

There is no concern that the two images will merge together as a filter masks the display, meaning that images can only be viewed through sitting in a set position and the pixels allow only one image to be witnessed by each car user.

The driver can select their desired image through the dashboard, while the passenger will need a remote control to switch between DVDs, television channels or music.
Passengers have the added benefit of enjoying their selection through the use of headphones if they wish.
Buyers of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class could also benefit from the ultimate comfort, with seats that offer a high level of opulence.

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