Hamilton: Standard engines not the way to cut costs

Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes Benz headquarters i...

Lewis Hamilton doesn't believe that standardised engines will be introduced into formula one as a way of cutting costs in the sport.
Formula one's governing body the FIA has come up with a plan that will reduce the costs that teams, including Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, will have to shell out over the next two seasons.
However, although Hamilton agrees that introducing measures to reduce costs will be of the sport's benefit during the current economic conditions, he doesn't believe that standard engines will be the answer.

He told BBC Sport: "I don't think that (a standard engine) is ever going to happen. I can't see that happening simply because the manufacturers play such a huge role in the sport.
"The world is struggling but they (the FIA) are always taking the right actions to make the sport cheaper. But every time they introduce something new, it costs more money so it's about having a balance."
The Brit has currently missed out on the team's testing sessions in Jerez, which have been completed by team-mate Heikki Kovalainen and test driver Pedro De La Rosa.



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