Customer Testimonial - CLK350 Coupe

This is the second Mercedes I've purchased from Jesse in the past 3 years and I'm looking forward to making my next car purchase the third Mercedes I get from her. In addition, over the past 18 years I've purchased 9 cars and Jesse is to only person I've purchased more than one car from.
The reason I have and will continue to come back to Jesse to purchase new Mercedes Benzs is because of the outstanding customer service she provides. I had a very difficult schedule when making this recent purchase, my lease was about due, I was traveling Monday - Friday to the west coast, and often working through the weekend. Because Jesse took time to know me as a person, my preferences in cars, what I would want to have in my next Mercedes, and what my schedule was and then made the time to accommodate that schedule, I was able to get the exact car I wanted in under a few hours - including signing all of the paper work! And I love my new Mercedes.
I've also come to appreciate the customer service Jesse provides in the years between my purchases such as the reminders of important dates in my and my car's 'life', such as my drivers license renewal date (one I would probably have otherwise forgotten). Jesse has made me feel important and a part of the Atlanta Classic Cars and Mercedes Benz families.
Again, I look forward to purchasing my next car from Jesse and will encourage those I know to do the same.


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