2010 Mercedes-Benz S-class / S400 BlueHybrid / S550 / S600

It’s only been three years since Mercedes-Benz redesigned its flagship, but 2010 will see an updated look for the S-class—if only slightly. The big news for the big luxury barge in 2010 is the addition of a hybrid model and a raft of new safety features; the styling changes are mild and will only catch the attention of the most dedicated onlookers.

The most—and perhaps only—noticeable change outside is up front, where the grille is honed and stretched to a slightly pentagonal shape echoing the redesigned E-class, wherein the lower lip of the grille is pulled downward just so, forming a subtle point. Flanking the grille are headlights that retain the lens of the current car but shuffle the internals around to make room for bi-xenon headlamps and LED turn signals. A new bumper houses LED driving lights, while new mirrors feature redundant indicators. LEDs arrayed in a double-C shape now make up the taillights.

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