Hamann Volcano Based on Mercedes Mclaren SLR Officially Detailed

How much torque does a volcanic eruption have? Well, it does indeed take a lot of steam to melt rocks and push the lava straight up through the earth's crust and Hamann-Motorsport does a good job of rivaling that with their own Volcano.

The Hamann Volcano is a supersized version of what is already one of the world's most renowned supercars - the Mercedes McClaren SLR. Hamann technicians were able to boost the Mercedes Benz 5.4 liter, 626 hp, 780 Nm V8 and take its performance to 700 hp and 830 Nm of torque at 3,300 rpms; giving the Hamann a 0-100 km/h time of only 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes Mclaren SLR

But performance is also improved by aerodynamics, with the addition of new lift-reducing wing extensions in both the front and the rear as well as new side skirt attachments and sheathings.

Interiors also get yet another luxurious do-over. It includes aluminium pedals, foot-rests, door sills, head-rests and floomats with the Hamann logo and the use of the top-quality material Alcantara for custom center console and dashboard parts.

No details on pricing were released.

[Source: Hamann ]

Mercedes Mclaren SLRMercedes Mclaren SLRMercedes Mclaren SLRMercedes Mclaren SLR



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