Mercedes-Benz USA's Sales Drop 32.1 Percent In December 2008

The 2009 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, exterior front and side view

Capping off a horrendous past several months, Mercedes-Benz USA continued their year-end downward spiral in December, with sales at MBUSA totaling 18,507 new units – a decrease of 32.1 percent when compared to December of 2007. As a result, Mercedes-Benz USA's 2008 sales amounted to a grand total of 225,128 new units – a decrease of 11.2 percent when compared to the prior year. And while normally this is the part where I'd tell you what models performed best last month, to be honest, there weren't any that did perform well. Every model in the Mercedes lineup noted a double digit sales decrease in December, save one: the G-Glass. With sales of 128 units (ten less than December 2007), it noted a sales decrease of only 7.2 percent. The second model performing slightly less than terribly was the C-Class, with sales dropping 11.7 percent – far better than the R-Class' 59.8 percent drop.



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