Mercedes-Benz goes three-way at Detroit Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines Limited Mercedes-Benz fans may want to pay close attention to the Detroit Motor Show this year as a new concept is to be revealed for the first time.

At its stand at the motor show, Mercedes-Benz is set to showcase three examples of its new BlueZero concept, providing the promise of ultra eco-friendly credentials.

One of the variants is the BlueZero E-Cell, a vehicle being aimed at city drivers.

The vehicle is powered by lithium-ion batteries and a 100kw electric motor, with two hours of charge allowing the vehicle to cover 62 miles.

Motorists looking to regularly cover longer distances could benefit from the BlueZero E-Cell Plus or the B-Class F-Cell.

The E-Cell Plus is the same as the E-Cell but also includes a three-cylinder turbocharged unit which acts as a generator and semi-charges the vehicle while it's on the move.

This means a driver is able to cover 373 miles before further charge is necessary.

Finally the F-Cell vehicle gets a hydrogen fuel cell and gives off nothing in the way of emissions.



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