Mercedes-Benz C300 using E85 Qualifies for the Alternative Fuel Tag in Georgia

Georgia Alternative Fuel Tag

You may not know it, but 2008 and 2009 C300's with an automatic transmission are "Flex Fuel" vehicles. That means they are capable of running on either gasoline or ethanol based E85. This fuel has become much more available in Georgia in recent months and one of my customers has been using it almost exclusively. He finds that it is about 5-10% less fuel efficienct to us E85 but it is priced less than gasoline so it balances out.

Another benefit of running your C300 on E85 is that it qualifies for the Alternative Fuel Tag. This special tag looks great and it enables you to ride in the HOV lane without any passengers! I know that could save some of you a lot of time! To get the Alternative Fuel Tag for your vehicle you have to apply at your county tag office and they will need proof that the vehicle will be run on E85 almost 100% of the time. The proof that they suggested would be receipts from fill-ups and the name and address of the station where you are getting your E85.

If you are interested in trying E85 in your C300 you can consult this list of E85 stations to see if it will be convenient for you. If you like it, save your receipts and get yourself this Green tag!



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