Coupe StudioTorino Coupetorino on the basis of Mercedes SL

Yes, this car looks madly beautifully. But, unfortunately, in a batch production it will not arrive. Concept Coupetorino Alfredo Stola (Alfredo Stola), by the designer of company StudioTorino, and Peter Jablonski (Piotr Jablonski), the student of the Italian institute of an applied art and design (IAAD) has been created. The car has been presented on action Turin World Design Capital 2008 within the limits of category Bespoke Coachwork. The basic idea which founders – to take compartment Mercedes SL have tried to express and to give it a certain Italian note. And it seems to us that it has turned out perfectly well. But are compelled to afflict all admirers of exclusive German cars – company Mercedes does not plan to start StudioTorino Coupetorino in a series. Modern model Mercedes SL is a cabriolet with folding rigid top, therefore release of a similar compartment becomes inexpedient. At the moment the German company works over creation of sport car SLC with type doors «a wing of a seagull» which will have, most likely, some similar details with modern generation SL. So, the compartment on the basis of SL, represented above, will not arrive in a batch production, because at company Mercedes already on the way a similar lineup.



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