SLR Stirling Moss a stunning final example of the breed

Stirling Moss mit Fahrgast im Mercedes SLR 197...

Buyers of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss will be able to experience all that the natural world has to throw at them, as it has no roof or windscreen.

Both the driver and passenger will enjoy the high-speed excitement the car offers without a roof and side windows, with two wind deflectors in place to offer some aerodynamic assistance against the vehicle's speed.

The deflectors are both 36mm in height to protect the driver and passenger from the airflow, as the vehicle rockets to speeds of up to 217mph.

Two air scoops are eye catching features of the model, which are integrated into the bodywork to serve as roll over bars.

However, despite its unique appearance and features that could easily result in individuals believing the vehicle is one for a race track, it is a road car – the final version of a model range that has become the most successful super car in the world.

Other variants of the Mercedes-Benz SLR to have previously reached the market include the 722 Edition and the 722 GT.



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