RENNTech Wins Mercedes SEMA Tuner Build-Off With Rally-Inspired GLK [Sema]

The Booth Professionals and 42" Chrome Rims may have rolled home weeks ago, but the voting for the Mercedes SEMA has just ended. What ├╝ber tuner swayed the most SEMA fans to their tuned hybrid?

The winner is the Pikes Peak Rally-inspired RENNtech GLK350 SPEC.R Hybrid. This is yet another salvo in the Tuner Wars, pitting BRABUS against RENNtech and giving another notch in the Florida-based, Pizza-break wielding tuner's belt. We think voters locked onto the GLK's wing, which actually came off of a helicopter. Now that's a junkyard find. Press release below.

RENNtech Wins Mercedes SEMA Tuner Build-Off
After an intense, 45-day build and grueling 30 days of campaigning for votes from friends, family, and total strangers, Mercedes-Benz announced that RENNTECH has won the MBUSA GLK tuner build-off!

The competition wasn't easy, with BLVD Customs' strong GLK "Urban Whip" roadster and Brabus' slick "Widestar" each swapping positions with RENNTECH for the lead throughout. At the end of the day, however, Mercedes acknowledged that RENNTECH's sweeping program of upgrades - which included extensive engine mods, software development, aerodynamic bodywork, suspension and brake upgrades, as well as converting the GLK to hybrid drive - pushed RENNTECH's GLK 350 Spec.R Pike's Peak rally racer "over the edge".

RENNTECH would like to thank all our friends and sponsors (listed, below), this build would not have been possible without you.

[Source: RENNtech]



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