Mercedes to include BLK SUV in upcoming B-Class

Earlier this year it was revealed that Mercedes-Benz was halting production of the current A-Class and B-Class after the current cycle and replacing the two aging models with a new family of small vehicles ranging from cabrios to sports coupes. We reported that this replacement would entail a whole new family of models consisting of four distinct variations, including a cabriolet, a coupe, a people mover and a soft-roader. Now Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that at least three of these variations will be made for the replacement B-Class, including a hatchback, a mini-MPV and a soft roader. The soft roader will be known as the BLK, and CAR is reporting that it will be available in two trim levels - 'Street', for the majority of purchasers who don't actually require any SUV-capabilities, and 'Nature', which will be for those who intend to take the BLK into a more rough and tumble sort of environment.

Preview: 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class variants



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