Mercedes-Benz To Launch New-And-Improved Mercedes-Benz TV 2.0

Screenshot of Mercedes-Benz TV 2.0

Starting tomorrow, those of you that visit Mercedes-Benz TV are going to notice a slight change of scenery, as Mercedes has announced they're launching a new-and-improved version of the service:  Mercedes-Benz TV 2.0.  While it will still maintain its emphasis of delivering high quality video content centered around the Mercedes-Benz brand, an increased number of programs will be available, as will a streamlined new design. In the first issue, DTM driver Susie Stoddart will be the guest of honor, guiding visitors through the online show.  In addition to offering a much needed break from current anchorwoman Tanja B├╝lter, Susie will furthermore look at the subject of " sporty cars and their drivers" – a topic inspired by the success of F1 champion (and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver ) Lewis Hamilton...



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