Mercedes-Benz considering A-Class roadster for the States

There are rumors that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class might come visit to America.It have been swirling around for years.Trust me, it sucks.The question circulating around whether the car is similar to the image in the U.S. that Mercedes-Benz has worked so hard to come out with a good concept cars for years. Categorize as an economy car, the A-Class clashes with the rest of the brand's upscale line-up and doesn't seem appropriate to put in the same dealership where upper-crusters are shopping for the latest S-Class. One possible remedy could be reducing the number of seats and the losing the car's top, an idea first broached by the SLA Concept (above) that debuted in 2000.

A roadster would make sense for the German automaker, as BMW, its main rival, is rumored to be thinking hard about launching a similarly-small Z2 roadster based on its 1 Series platform. Although production plans have already been considered, no decisions have been made. The next redesign of the A- and B-Class from Mercedes is scheduled for 2012, so there's still plenty of time to get it all sorted.



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