Interior Photos Of The New Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

Mercedes-Benz SLC Gullwing interior photo, overview

Kicking things off this brisk November morning comes a look at a model we haven't mentioned in some time – the forthcoming new-generation Mercedes-Benz Gullwing. We brought you the first exterior photos of the model back in July, but up until now the interior has remained a mystery. Today that changes, however, as a series of leaked images shows various facets of the Gullwing's insides in grainy-yet-remarkably undisguised detail. Notable features include the AMG flat-bottom steering wheel we've all come to know and love, the inclusion of Mercedes' COMAND system, and of course, the vintage air vents reminiscent of the Mercedes models of 70's and 80's. I'm not totally sold on the extensive use of silver in the center console or the way it's rounded off just below the nav screen; however, I'll reserve judgment until I see the finished product, which is rumored to be at next year's Frankfurt Motor Show (in concept form).



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