BMW Recalls M3 With Dual-Clutch Transmission

BMW Dual Clutch TransmissionBMW's dual clutch transmission sounds like a complicated piece of equipment and it is. The dual clutch transmission was built in Munich and the people are not the only one who have had problems using it. BMW itself had a difficult trying to figure it out the first time they tried.

But they did manage to figure it out or they would never have installed it in their latest generation M3. However, that doesn't mean that many consumers will understand what it means. BMW has now issued a recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the problem with the DCT is that it makes it hard for hard braking. The transmission was built to initiate a multi stage downshift when braking and this can cause the car to stall.

So now BMW is asking that the owners of the 2008 and 2009 M3 built with the DCT (which is around 2,500) bring it in for a simple software update. All they need to do is bring it into their nearest dealership and let them fix the problem free of charge. Now BMW owners can brake in peace.



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